Letter: Shocked by Gatwick Airport plans

Your views
Your views

Like many other Crawley residents I wasn’t really bothered either way whether we had a second runway or not. I always assumed that land had been designated for this years ago and the airport would just move nearer to Charlwood and that only a few residents would be affected by this.

Therefore, I was shocked when I attended the public consultation at the Hawth on Saturday. Hundreds of people from Crawley and nearby towns and villages queued outside all day to get information. I am sure they would have been as shocked as I was when it was revealed that the new runway would be moved much nearer to Crawley than anyone had anticipated. Half a mile from Langley Green and Ifield and only two miles from Queens Square seems too close to me.

What advantages will that bring to Crawley residents? Many residents that weren’t really affected much by the by airport noise will soon find that they are on the flight path.

I, like many others, have been suffering badly from the unexpected arrival in Crawley last week of clouds of pollution and particles of sand from the Sahara desert, Therefore, I was very interested to find out how much the air pollution levels would increase from all the extra planes in our skies. The consultation only stated that our air quality conditions will be ‘within all national and EU mandatory standards’. Levels will be doubled but who knows how much extra car emissions will be added to that. Surely they will be doubled too.

Crawley residents should stand up and say that if there are no plans to build Crawley a new hospital then we don’t want a new runway in any shape or form.

What will our grandchildren think of us if we let these developers destroy the very air that we breathe?

Vanessa Kirby, Bewbush