LETTER: Shedding light on county project

For the benefit of Mr De Wilton of Coniston Close (WSCT 13 June), all residents and elected representatives of Roffey, I have been trying to ascertain what has happened and what is going to happen in our area with respect to the upgrade of street lighting.

First, I have prevailed upon WSCC and SSE to provide a presentation/update to elected members of your parish, district and county councils, this should have been organised much earlier.

But as Mr de Wilton quite rightly points out; I was only elected to represent Roffey at county level in May and I do not feel it of any value to comment on what my predecessor did or did not do.

I and your other elected representatives do not appreciate not having information to hand, especially when stopped in the street and asked questions by residents about new and somewhat strange markings that have suddenly appeared!

I have been advised by both WSCC leadership and senior management that the economics of this project were the subject of intense scrutiny and evaluation over a long time period as to, a) how to finance such a major project, and b) how to ensure best value to the WSCC taxpayer.

As an accountant, also knowing the financial modelling processes and procedures WSCC will have used, all I can do is to reassure residents that 1) best value will have been obtained and 2) monies will not have been spent unless absolutely necessary – WSCC does not have the luxury of spending monies on “nice to haves”.

I trust this sheds a little light upon the subject.


WSCC (Con, Roffey Division), HDC (Holbrook East ward), County hall, Chichester