LETTER: Shared vision for country’s future

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Your letters

Godfrey Newman denounces UKIP as being redolent of ‘right wing intolerant isolationism in seeking to persecute minorities [...] a frightening parallel with 1930s Europe’ (Letters, June 27).

Well I don’t know whose literature you have been reading, Mr Newman, but it certainly wasn’t UKIP’s. I can confidently assure you that anyone with such views would be kicked out of the Party before their feet could touch the ground.

UKIP does, however, have an issue with the fact that as long as we remain in the EU, the British people have no say whatever in who is allowed to come to these shores, settle here and claim benefits. The rules, as in so many other areas of life, are made in Brussels.

Mr Newman then goes on to set out his vision of a country ‘where people can prosper, apply their intellect and talents and feel safe regardless of background, race, colour or creed; not one that seeks to discriminate because of ethnic or geographic origin’. Funnily enough, that is precisely UKIP’s position. We would be honoured to welcome you as a member, Mr Newman.

Hugo Miller

Curzon Avenue, Horsham

UK Independence Party