Letter: Sadness at scrapping Crawley project

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It saddens me to see the Town Centre North project scrapped.

This must have been decided by the Labour Group before they resumed their leadership of the council.

Cllr Peter Lamb (Leader of Crawley Borough Council) stated: “It is hard to scrap a plan which did not exist”.

Yet in meeting after meeting the Labour councillors present had every opportunity to guide this plan and make an impact.

We hear time after time the gripe from Labour that the Conservatives failed to turn up to meetings. There was always a valid reason why people could not do so, just as there was a valid reason why a Labour member of the Development Control Committee failed to turn up last Monday. The Town Centre Working Group, a cross-party group, is another example. Indeed there were times that Labour outnumbered Conservative attendees thus allowing the opportunity for them to drive forward ideas - yet they failed to guide the plan or input ideas, and did not really make known any opposition to Town Centre North. The idea to have a large retail/leisure-led regeneration scheme was put forward on a cross-party basis, so to hear of it being dropped before Labour formally took over the council is a major surprise.

So come on Labour - you are supposed to have Crawley’s needs in sight and as for finding out who owns what in Queen’s Square - well good luck with that!

Cllr Brenda Burgess, Crawley Borough Council (Con, Three Bridges)