Letter: Sad at anti litter response

Your letters
Your letters

I am sad that the only written response to my anti litter campaign has been one of irritation - “irritated by crusade” of 19.9.13. Perhaps I may be allowed to answer Lesley Gibbon’s criticism.

I am not out of touch with schools as I run two after school clubs and seven of my eight grandchildren are in primary education.

The reasons why I ask schools to help my crusade are -a) The new school year is starting and it is a brilliant time to renew this anti litter message. I know that schools teach children that littering is unacceptable but a lot is forgotten during the long holidays and a renewed appeal would not go amiss.b) The BBC has run an amazing Summer of Wildlife programme.

The damage that litter does is well known and irrefutable and this would reinforce the message.c) Finally, I did not mention parents as a few of them are part of this problem.

Of course it is their responsibility to teach their children not to drop litter but unfortunately some do not do so.

I have picked up a vast quantity of litter since my first letter, much in Hurstwood Lane. Few people walk this route as it is narrow, dark and with a derestricted speed limit on part of its length.

I picked up a sack of litter that was so heavy, I had to leave it with a friend in this lane as I could not carry it home. This litter was clearly thrown from car windows and not dropped by children.

Another friend was collecting their child from a local school when she observed a boy handing his mother a letter from the school. This mother promptly tore it into pieces and scattered it on the school drive. I would be the last to denigrate our schools - they do a wonderful job and I know many of the teachers. Please do not be irritated but join my campaign!I rest my case.

Anne Martin,by email