LETTER: Road safety fears over club plans

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Your letters

As a long time resident of Horsham, I feel I must write to express my great concern for the safety of all pedestrian visitors to the proposed Horsham Football Club development on the Worthing Road.

To walk up this road from Horsham in all weathers, light or dark, is putting adults’ and children’s lives at risk. The pavements are narrow throughout and one has to cross the road at a high speed blind spot by the entrance to Salisbury Road.

Historically, too many accidents and deaths have occurred on this stretch of road and that is before adding more potential walkers, cyclists or turning vehicles.

Even coming by car or bus will mean crossing the road near a bend with poor sight lines amidst fast traffic.

I would be amazed if West Sussex, Horsham and Southwater councils could possibly permit this?


Causeway, Horsham