LETTER: Risk of an upset for youngsters

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Your letters

I did the Easter Bunny competition in Horsham with my grandson. I was very surprised to notice that no shops in West Street took part.

It is great fun finding all the shops and collecting sweets. Playing the carrot game in shops with cards makes it more interesting and even better if the child receives a chocolate. If you do not qualify for a prize (so the rules go) most shop assistants usually just give you another try or better still a chocolate.

Please tell me how you explain to a child about four years old, if you always get a prize if you do not take a carrot card? Some shops present you with a chocolate, some nothing. My grandson understands but younger children stand there waiting for their sweet. Perhaps they would give the winner a bigger sweet and a small one for a loser.

Please get shopkeepers to sort out something so as not to upset a youngster.


Henderson Way, Horsham