LETTER: Right spread and quality of service

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Your letters

I read with great interest Dr Heath’s column in the County Times and take on board his points fully.

However as a well-known and respected businessman who has made Horsham his home for over 25 years with my wife and four children I have had experience of many surgeries around the Horsham district.

The most common moans and groans of patients I hear are not being able to see the same doctor year after year, or that they are unable to get an appointment for sometimes more than a week or they struggle with the medical staff attitude - people are NOT asking for bigger surgeries.

But bottom line the successful surgeries within the town of Horsham such as in North Horsham don’t I am sure receive moans of patients about parking, don’t have moans of appointment times or poorly operated staffing levels. People will put up with parking issues, access issues, older buildings (albeit most are generally in good condition) and all sorts of issues of smaller premises if they can get the following!

1) To see the same GP when necessary or if required.

2) Get an appointment quickly, ie, in a few days and at times to suit busy working people.

3) Be treated with dignity.

These are what the public want!

Changing a premises and making it bigger is not going to make a better service, keeping smaller (as we presently have) efficiently operated GP units, well spread around Horsham, will, as it has, provide the right spread/quality of services to the Horsham town.

Why is it we do not recognise what we have? Then build on that rather than keep trying to reinvent the issues that already exist with ‘super-size’ surgeries such as Park Surgery.


Managing Director of Test It Now Ltd and resident of Horsham, Worthing Road, Horsham