Letter: Reviewing Copthorne school implications

Your views
Your views

Following the recent planning application decision and speculation in the village, some staff members and governors of the two Copthorne village schools met with a representative of West Sussex County Council at the end of August to review the implications of the Copthorne West development for the schools.

This meeting confirmed that no decisions have been taken regarding the future of the village schools and indeed there are no proposals under development.

West Sussex County Council would like to reassure the community that before any decisions are made there would be a full public consultation that would identify all the options for future schooling to serve the community.

This consultation would be led by the County Council and would seek the views of parents, staff, governors, and community groups.

The timing of any consultation would be driven by the growth in the need for school places in the local area and may, therefore, not be required for a number of years.

During this time both schools will work to keep the community informed and continue to focus on the education of the children.

Cllr Jeremy Hunt,

West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Education and Skills