Letter: Retail closure on Remembrance Sunday 2018?

Last year's Horsham Remembrance Sunday
Last year's Horsham Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday 2018 falls exactly on November 11 (Armistice Day) and exactly 100 years to the day when the guns fell silent in the fields where the poppies grew.

There is hence a prima facie case for retail closure on Remembrance Sunday 2018 to enhance the qualities inherent in Remembrance Sunday - namely peace and decorum.

And of course to enable more working people to be able to come together and partake in the events of Remembrance Sunday 2018.

It will boost retail as more goods will be brought prior to a one day closure and on reopening.

Both retail magnates and retail workers have had family members who have served the Crown and thus have a common stake in a Remembrance Sunday with enhanced peace and decorum.

Sussex MPs will win many plaudits were they to propose Private Member’s Bills to provide for retail closure on Remembrance Sunday 2018.

Such legislation is a unique opportunity for MPs and Peers to rise above party divides and not to mention Brexit divides and come together on an issue of genuine national unity namely to enhance the peace and decorum of Remembrance Sunday 2018.

On other matters, if banks persist with closure of branches like in Petworth and Billingshurst it should be on condition that the Post Office take over the premises and provide a full staffed service plus banking facilities six days a week.


Member: Usdaw Executive Council, The Fleet, Fittleworth