LETTER: Reporting in a ‘grown up’ way

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Your letters

‘Well done’ to Lawrence Long (County Times, October 3) for highlighting the downward spiral of the County Times into more and more sensational and sentimental headlines and articles.

I, too, was quite disturbed to see the way in which the County Times saw fit to make headline news and include the photo of a child being used as a means of protest against the proposed North Horsham development.

Naturally, many of us are concerned about this development, but the scaremongering tactics and inaccuracies used by RAGE certainly do not encourage me to support this group.

And how appalling was it to make headline news and show five graphic photos of the wounds on the bodies of two youths who had been shot with an air rifle whilst they were irresponsibly ‘free running’ on Horsham roofs? (County Times, August 15).

I think that the County Times, which is some respects is a good local paper, needs to address the above issues and report in a more ‘grown up’ manner if it doesn’t want local people like me to stop buying it.


Ashurst Close, Roffey