LETTER: Reflections on the Great War

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Your letters

We sat on August 4 with our lights out and one candle glowing in the dark and I thought of all those soldiers in the trenches in the Great War and when I blew out the candle at 11pm I penned this poem about what someone there would be thinking.

We sit together but alone in the trench

In mud, slime, water and terrible stench

Wait in fear for the whistle to go over the top

Where mate and comrades lay, maybe where I’ll drop

Last smoke and tea for this land we’ll defend

Perhaps this day is the day my life will end

Thinking of family and friends I’ve left

My death would make them all bereft

So I sit here in silence and I pray

That I will survive another day

I pray I’ll return to my family and wife

And have a long and healthy rest of my life


Forge Way, Billingshurst