Letter: Re-introduction of school meals

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Your views

Anger-management counselling always seems a good idea after reading political nonsense from the ruling political elite at County Hall, Chichester.

Jeremy Hunt, Tory County Councillor and Cabinet Member for Education & Skills, is no exception - especially regarding the re-introduction of hot school meals in West Sussex:

“The expansion of the infant and primary school meal service has seen the creation of 250 part-time jobs in the county”.

Readers with a lesser education, but better memory, than county councillor Hunt may remember - not that long ago - the Tory majority voting for the destruction of 550 dinner-lady jobs by destroying 240 state primary school kitchens, resulting in the total loss of the county’s hot school meal service to 64,000 primary-aged children for 14 winters.

The damage done to our children’s health and education, and the taxpayers pocket, is incalculable. The damage done to the Tory party will be evidenced next May - when people caste their vote in the elections.

Richard W Symonds, SCRAM Campaign for Hot School Meals & Playing Fields, Ifield