LETTER: Rational policies from Tories?

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Your letters

On the 1st of March I wrote an open letter to the WSCT re Liberty Property Development proposals for North Horsham. In that I asked for answers to four key questions from Liberty and its director Mr Blevins.

Six weeks later I am still awaiting a reply, this despite assertions by Liberty about wishing to consult and engage with local residents. But given the similar lack of response by their local Conservative supporters to questions about their administration’s track record and policies, I am not surprised.

But what is confusing is one part of the local Conservative Party rejecting a prospective HDC candidate, whilst another part accepts her nomination. Not to be outdone, further confusion reigns as Mr Dancer, an opponent of the North Horsham development backed by the current Conservative Administration, has been adopted as Conservative candidate for Roffey North!

What hope would there be for any rational policy and administrative harmony if the Conservative Party were returned to power to run Horsham District Council after the May 7th elections?

The residents of Horsham cannot afford another four years of administrative incompetence and secrecy from a southern cabal run Conservative administration; that is without the prospect of Horsham being represented by a Tory MP with no track record, background, or knowledge of the District and its needs having being parachuted in from Buckinghamshire with a background in banking. We all know how we can really trust bankers.

Meanwhile, eight weeks after it was promised by Messrs Harper and Heath of UKIP in letters in reply to my letter in the WSCT, we are still waiting to see a manifesto from UKIP (that is not the drivel described of its previous one by the UKIP leader) as to what UKIP policies and priorities are for Horsham – other than exodus from Europe and stopping immigration which are hardly directly relevant to HDC supplied services or helpful to Horsham’s economy or ageing population and its needs.

The only party with experience of national and local Government, offering fully costed, rational policies and a record of delivery and listening to local people, are the Liberal Democrats.

All issues for the Horsham electorate to consider carefully on May the 7th when considering which way to vote.


LDem candidate for Cowfold, Shermanbury and West Grinstead on Horsham District Council, Smithbarn, Horsham