LETTER: Rail upgrade is very welcome

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Your letters

Congratulations to Network Rail on the forthcoming expansion of the platforms at Littlehaven station. This has been long overdue as the platforms can’t take all the carriages and the trains are left in limbo blocking the road.

With the expansion of North Horsham this little station (since it was Littlehaven Halt) has been getting busier with more and more passengers using it on a daily basis. So this will be very welcome to everyone who uses it.

However with the continued growth of the station where are all the extra cars going to park?

I hear you say that just because the platforms are being lengthened/ widened it doesn’t necessarily mean more cars, but I’m afraid the more user friendly it becomes the more people will use it and that means more cars, it’s been happening for the past 25 years.

I don’t want to be a party-pooper here, but this really does need dealing with before a serious accident happens. For those of you who don’t use the Rusper Road/Littlehaven Lane, it is usually choc-a-bloc with cars parked by commuters who use the station, every day. This cuts the road width by a third and can cause enormous problems when a large vehicle or bus goes up or down the road.

These cars are now parked right up to Giblets Way from the station and there is no more room.

All the residents in the area will soon be asking for parking restrictions because these extra cars will be clogging up their roads, driveways etc.

So will someone put on their thinking caps and find a solution to this overflowing parking problem?

As this popularity will mean more revenue for Network Rail, maybe Network Rail or HDC could either buy/rent the car park from the Plymouth Brethren which backs on to the station?

S. NEAL (Mrs)

Pondtail Road, Horsham