LETTER: Questions on key range of issues

The majority of politicians in our country are elected as named individuals and, often, on a party platform.

A minority of politicians, unfortunately, fail the electorate through dodgy deals.

Despite these failings, every politician I have ever encountered has always been willing – eager even – to share with me their views on key issues. Until now.

Former deputy leader of the HDC Conservatives, now UKIP councillor, Roger Arthur does not appear at all keen to share with residents where he stands on a range of key issues.

Following Mr Arthur’s switch to UKIP, I wrote to him on 23rd April seeking his views on a few key issues which UKIP had taken a stand.

I asked him to clarify the UKIP position on some issues where I was confused and I also sought his personal views on those same issues.

A reasonable request, I would have thought. I was particularly keen to hear his views on Europe/the European Union (surely any UKIP member could talk about that issue for days??); the European Convention on Human Rights (ditto); same-sex marriage; and taxation.

After politely chasing Mr Arthur for a response to my questions over the course of six weeks and via ten emails, he has consistently refused to answer the questions.

Mr Arthur has preferred instead to direct me to the UKIP website – which doesn’t hold his personal views – or invite me to talk the issues through face-to-face – a rather incredible and intimidating suggestion.

Surely the very least we can expect from our elected representatives is for them to tell us where they stand on the issues of the day?

Is Mr Arthur afraid for his views to be written down for fear of being held to account for them?

I have shared my questions with the WSCT in the hope they might be able to get some answers from Mr Arthur.

The WSCT will also, I hope, be able to vouch that my questions were reasonable, open and asked with respect.


Rowlands Road, Horsham