LETTER: Quadrant project risks killing club

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Your letters

Capital punishment was abolished in 1967 in this country but HDC has effectively passed the death sentence on Horsham and District Indoor Bowls Club.

Contrary to the HDC Cabinet decision of June 27th 2012 that we would be relocated in the New Leisure Centre (NLC), we have been told that the NLC will be built on the site we currently occupy.

Consequently this prevents the continuity that is essential to preserve our membership and our club. However, that is academic because the Director of Community Services has informed us that it is unlikely that there will be a provision for our club within the NLC.

nder the original proposals the NLC was going to be built on land adjacent to the current bowls club and that would have allowed continuity but to help fund the project the land was sold to developers. Instead of offering us other premises the council has told us it would not be viable for us to be accommodated in the NLC.

That is nonsense; we are a thriving, profitable club with healthy finances. We pay the council £50,000pa rent and rates. In our 19 years existence we have established a high profile in the County and National scene, we play 120 matches against other clubs from Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and London.

That is in addition to our internal leagues and competitions. We have a flourishing junior section and we cater for all age groups. Our mainstream membership is in the senior range and we provide an invaluable resource where competitive sport can be played at whatever age. We are used by the general public and organisations such as Blind Bowlers and Alzheimer’s society.

The heavy irony is that the incompetence of a past council in authorising a poorly designed, poor quality build leisure centre has caused us to become the innocent victims.

We, too, admire the Quadrant proposals but we mustn’t be the sacrificial lambs. We deserve justice and believe an honourable council would relocate us to fit for purpose facilities. It is imperative our club is reprieved - for us and for the community.


Kingfisher Way, Horsham