Letter: Protests just a delaying tactic

Many people will protest at the building of another Arundel bypass. Or yet more vast estates at Littlehampton, Horsham, Angmering, Bognor, and wherever.

In the last hundred years this has been little more than a delaying tactic in the relentless march of development.

Protest at the particular is futile.

It is the politics and economics behind it that must be challenged.

Putting a monetary value on nature and the countryside merely prices its destruction.

A global economy can take or leave a small place like England, and its unemployed.

Industry and commerce today puts profit to shareholders before the needs of the whole society, and of employment.

If we are concerned about inflated

salaries and bonuses, base minimum wages on a small percentage of the top twenty per cent of incomes.

Ensure increased living standards are based on advance in technology, and not on unsustainable increase in production of goods.

R W Standing

Sea Road

East Preston