Letter: Praise for Maidenbower pupils

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Your views

I have been the manager of Mccolls Food&Wine in Crawley Down Village for the past six years.

Every year Oriel High School in Maidenbower participate in a sponsored walk from the school grounds to Crawley Down Village green, some years it’s been wet and some have been hot.

The pupils are mostly in fancy dress, some walk, some run but are all having fun and high spirited.

Regardless if they are year 7s up to the year 10s and some sixth formers too, they are polite, and they have manners which these days seems to be a rare thing and I just wanted to say a massive well done as kids these days don’t seem to get enough praise for the good that they do and also a big thank you for their custom today.

Gary Burrows, Mccolls Food&Wine, Crawley Down