LETTER: Powerful hammer poor and needy

With regard to the ill-conceived so called bedroom tax, I think it is spawned by the same sort of bullying tactics as the Highland Clearances of the early 19th century. The powerful hammering the poor further into the ground.

First, where is all the single bedroom accommodation coming from?

Second, will the victims be re-housed on the same estate from which they are being removed or even in the same town/village or perhaps miles away from their established environs?

Third, will the government/council redecorate, furbish or refurbish the single bed accommodation to an acceptable standard?

Fourth, will the ‘victim’ be compensated for the room full of furniture that will be of no further use?

Fifth, will the council pay for professional furniture removers to take the tenants from the home which, through no fault or desire of their own, they are being forced to leave? (Obviously, if the tenant cannot afford to pay this vicious tax, they cannot afford the cost of moving.) Catch 22 or what?

Bearing all this in mind, I strongly question the legality of the whole scheme, but then, silly me, I forgot that those who know best make up the rules as they go along, having no concept of the term “hard up”.

I think the less well off should be allowed the same options as your average resident terrorist and bring the human rights card into play. If we can’t even evict and deport known enemies of the state because it would violate their human rights, then surely by the same token we cannot turn our own people out of their own homes.

If the government wants money, it should look to putting its own house in order by stopping waste at the top. It spends millions like we spend a fiver- the difference being we think twice before spending it.


Station Road, Billingshurst