LETTER: Politicians are damaging NHS

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Your letters

We now know that the NHS is in need of palliative care due to numerous bouts of ignorant interference by politicians.

The thought that they should know better than those experts employed as such by the NHS (with their numerous qualifications) is totally absurd but par for the course by these Tory politicians and private investment agents.

It is highly likely that the GPs, nurses and many other graded workers would be totally demoralised well before the end of the next parliament and only their pride in their work can/will save the NHS.

The total destruction of many values in personal and national wealth have and will continue under a Tory government that is totally obsessed with extreme cuts in public spending including its own Mickey Mouse pretentious pensioners ISAs bonds.

Most, if not all of this country’s problems are due to politicians’ mistakes and selfishness, ignorance and greed.


Robert Way, Horsham