LETTER: Political classes have lost respect

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Mr Hopkinson’s letter mentions EU membership in the context of democracy, when most people know that our Parliament is becoming increasingly redundant, whilst his so-called ‘fruitcakes’ are far outweighed by MPs (past and present) with criminal convictions.

He implied that the expected increase in Romanian and Bulgarian immigration has not materialised, whereas net UK migration has just reached its highest point since 2011, partly due to a huge increase in the number of Romanian and Bulgarian citizens coming to Britain. As Merkel and Borrosso made clear, we cannot control our borders, whilst we are members of the EU.

Europe is in long-term economic decline and the one-size-fits-all monetary system will not work without ever closer political and monetary union. Anyone who believes we can avoid being sucked into that superstate, should consider what the UK has already lost, without the consent of the people. We need a referendum, with an objective cost/benefit analysis and we need it soon.

That analysis should include the overall cost of EU membership (around £165 billion pa according to Professor Congdon) along with £120 billion pa of tax avoided by companies, such as Amazon and Starbucks, because they have an office in Dublin, Malta or the like.

We were told that the EU would reduce the risk of civil unrest and war, but its expansionist ambitions raised the expectations of some Ukrainians that they could join the EU and be bailed out in the same way as Greece and other bankrupt countries. The EU baited the Russian Bear, for what?

Voters can counter the present decline in democracy, by injecting some UKIP backbone into Parliament in 2015. Or they can leave their fate in the hands of the political classes and become one of many states, in a Soviet Republic of Europe.

When the people spoke in last May’s WSCC elections, Lib Dem and Tory votes fell by around 60 and 40 per cent respectively, compared with 2009, whilst the UKIP vote increased by 170 per cent. That is because voters have lost respect for the political classes, due to their reliance on spin and deception and because there is little clear water between their centre-ground, PC policies.

It is not UKIP that those classes need to worry about, but the increasing numbers of people who no longer want to vote for them.


(UKIP) Horsham district councillor for Chanctonbury ward and prospective parliamentary candidate for Horsham, North Street, Horsham