LETTER: Police are needed for ‘yob patrol’

Your letters
Your letters

As a town centre resident I write to complain of the lack of police presence in Horsham at night.

Between midnight and 3am there is a regular cacophony of yelling, screaming, shrieking, chasing and high rev car racing, worse of course at weekends. Only once have I heard the revellers brought under control, and that by a brave and exasperated fellow resident.

Admittedly, we have been furnished with a telephone number to call in the case of ‘skateboard nuisances’, and apparently for a short time some sort of curfew was once in operation, but all that is really required is a couple of constables on Weekend Yob Patrol to take names and addresses and threaten further action.

I appreciate that our council tax is kept at a manageable level but feel sure we would be willing to pay a little extra to ensure that perpetrators of public disorder learn that the law is still enforced in our town.

R Milan

Lower Tanbridge Way, Horsham