LETTER: Petition against toilet closure

Parishioners in Wisborough Green were greatly concerned to learn of the threat by Chichester District Council to close their public toilets. In a search to save money, CDC included the public conveniences on their list for closure on the grounds of ‘low usage’.

The immediate outcry to this news, which local people learned about in a press release on January 28, led to the council reconsidering and allowing a further six months for the village to consider options.

For a rural community located at one of the gateways to the South Downs National Park, these facilities play a vital role in the local economy.

They are sited alongside the A272 on the edge of the popular Village Green, much used for a range of events and by a variety of sports during the winter and summer months.

Local elderly people and the very young find this facility vital, as do those visiting the nearby café, shops and playground.

Wisborough Green is known far and wide for establishing the 24 hour lawn mower race, its balloon event and annual fete.

One third of users visit them when making use of other village facilities and one quarter of all those who visit the toilets are travelling on the infamous A272, subject of a book.

John Connor, CDC Councillor, commented: ‘Contributions to our ongoing consideration of the future of public convenience provision in Wisborough Green and the rest of Chichester District… will be taken into account in our discussions, which are already under way, with Wisborough Green Parish Council about options for the future of this facility’.

A petition has been set up in the village and is available online via the Wisborough Green Village website – www.wisboroughgreen.org


Parish councillor, on behalf of Wisborough Green Parish Council, PO Box 255, Billingshurst