Letter: Patients abandoned

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Your views

I was horrified to read your story ‘Empty hospital space cost totals £802,000’ (Crawley Observer, November 5).

As usual, no-one seems to be taking responsibility for wasting NHS resources.

I cannot understand why Patient Transport services have cut down their office space in East Surrey Hospital and to have totally left Crawley Hospital as has Patient and Liaison Services.

Elderly and disabled patients are being abandoned in Crawley Hospital for hours, hoping someone somewhere will come back for them to take them home after they have finished attending their hospital appointments.

This is very distressing for these vulnerable patients, so why is it continuing to happen?

Crawley Hospital used to have a small office in the entrance where patients could report that they were ready to be taken home and they would be told how long they would have to wait for their transport. Who decided to close it?

East Surrey Hospital’s new entrance is very nice but their Patient Transport office has been moved to one small closed office with no designated area for patients to wait for their transport home. Hands up - who is responsible for these patient unfriendly cost-cutting decisions?

I am hoping that this is only a temporary situation in both hospitals - soon to be resolved - but I won’t hold my breath.

Vanessa Kirby, Bewbush