Letter: Passionate about Crawley’s future

Your views
Your views

Although I only became a British Citizen last Year I have lived in Crawley for over 50 years.

I am very passionate about the town so I get very annoyed when people make decisions without consulting others.

The future success of our town is with the young people of the town and when councillor Peter Lamb told the Davies Commission meeting on Tues Dec 16th 2014 that although votes were evenly split on the second runway they were not split on an east/west divide but on a young/old basis with a high percentage of young people wanting a second runway. Hopefully you will still remember what happened on March 8th 1991.

Air Europe went bankrupt and stopped operating resulting in a massive knock on effect for other Businesses in Crawley not just those who supplied into Air Europe direct but also many other businesses and shops and families of those affected.

This had an adverse effect on the local economy for over two years after the failure.

Many businesses set up in the Crawley & Gatwick area hoping that when 2019 came there would be a second runway authorised.

All the employees of these businesses and their families could be seriously affected if a second runway does not become a reality.

If the Davies Commission choose Heathrow as their preferred choice with no chance of Gatwick Airport having a second runway at some stage in the near future this could have a devastating effect on Crawley and Gatwick or even the whole of the South East. It would only take one large company already based in Crawley/Gatwick to decide to move to Heathrow and the floodgates would open with many others rapidly following suit.

This would result in a massive loss of jobs, house values, council incomes, far in excess of the impact caused by Air Europe failing.

If as Councillor Peter Lamb stated in that meeting the young people in Crawley are in favour should we not be listening to them as they will be the people who will be still alive when the expansion is completed.

Why are the views of the noisy minority being chosen and the silent majority ignored?

Although I may not still be around when the second runway is completed and neither will most of the protesters I still want my children and theirs to have a job and a future which is unlikely to happen if the second runway does not go ahead.

Only one Conservative councillor voted for a second runway which will make it almost impossible for Henry Smith MP to campaign from now on. He is pro a second runway but only with specific conditions including a new hospital but now he does not have any support from his own councillors.

I am very disappointed and upset that the people of Crawley were not asked to vote on the second runway

Maria Hains, Crawley