LETTER: Parking problems must be addressed

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Your letters

I read with amusement your article on the development in Southwater Country Park to make it an even more popular attraction, this included looking into the problem of parking.

This excuse for doing nothing has been trotted out over the past 20 years.

The other day, at mid-day, the car park was full and there were three cars parked in Station Road half way across the pavement, blocking it for anyone with a pram, bicycle, or disability vehicle.

I spoke to the people getting out of the first vehicle and they moved when they realised they were obstructing. The second car was empty as the people had already headed for the park.

The third vehicle contained a parking enforcement officer who was most surprised to be challenged over his obstructing a pavement etc.

I did request he went round the rest of the village and booked all the vehicles obstructing pavements and foot paths.

The parish council fought long and hard to get the paved footpath along Station Road, wide enough to be shared by pedestrians and bicycles, and it has constantly been abused by motorists with no action taken by any parking authority or police.

Please do not add to the attractiveness of the park before the parking is sorted, not thinking about sorting it!


Cripplegate Lane, Southwater