LETTER: Outsourcing will never save money

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Further to my letter of 12th January querying the difference between what Mr Maude claims to have recovered for the taxpayers (£1.3billion) to that which has been wasted due to inefficiencies and incompetence (£100’s billions) I see yet more money is being frittered away under his watch.

Some £40billion unfit for purpose computer system for the Universal Credit written off by Dept of Work and Pensions. Of the one million people who were supposed to be receiving the payment by April this year only 3,200 people have managed to have been signed up – at a cost of £200,000.00 per person, £640mill.

How can this possibly save us money? Yet again the Government seems incapable of ensuring new systems are workable before introducing them which has been obvious since the first of the many U turns we have had in the last four years.

Transport Secretary using laws to suppress the only study of a cost benefit analysis of HS2 that is understood to have warned that the project is at risk of failure. All the other reports ‘justifying’ the expenditure of £50billion are being churned out like a Soviet style propaganda machine (The Independent 1st February 2014).

The money it is going to cost the taxpayers for successive Governments ignoring known problems of flooding. Cutting back only to spend much more to correct the problems whilst many people suffer through the incompetence of politicians (recent reports in the national press).

The suppressed report by Professor Elizabeth Dowler of Warwick University, commissioned by the Government, which showed that Food Banks are driven by need which directly contradicts the position of DWP minister Lord Freud who claimed last summer they are driven by demand.

The litany of failure and fraud through the disastrous outsourcing of our public services. A parliamentary committee recently concluded that a strong Civil Service remains the most effective way of supporting the democratically elected Government and future administrations in the UK.

We are fast losing that because career politicians with little or no experience of life outside of politics have wrecked it, at great cost to us taxpayers. By its very nature outsourcing will never save money, the taxpayer will be left with poorer services and paying the profits of the private companies.

The Head of UK Statistics Authority was reported on 22nd January 2014 to admitting statistics for Government and Public Sector organisations ‘may have been inaccurately recorded for years due to pressures and targets’.

How can we be expected to believe anything we are told? There is no point in questioning any politician, because, as we have seen continuously in the press and on TV and Philip Hammond confirmed it on 11th February this year, ‘..politicians don’t do yes or no questions..’ The future looks very bleak unless we can encourage people into politics who have a wide range of business and social experiences.


Parry Close, Horsham