LETTER: Our former glory will be restored

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People are always pleased to read items embracing a sense of humour, an aspect that has not escaped the notice of Mr L.N. Price in his thinly disguised attempts to unite the world by means of left wing philosophies.

Unfortunately for Mr Price he has, as they say, missed the boat. Politically times have changed, even the mighty USSR has abandoned the world of adolescent politics. Enclaves of such doctrines still exist of course and rightly so, as demonstrated by the ‘Independent’ and quoted by Mr Price as using such words as ‘xenophobic’. Just how juvenile is that?

A phobia is an aversion combining a fear, a condition we Brits are not noted for, perhaps with the exception of Mr Price who believes we would lose our trade with European countries once we had regained sovereign independence. It seems the gentleman has yet to understand that money ultimately always transcends politics.

Amusing though Mr Price’s assertions are, he does maintain a balance with the pathos of his ‘glass half empty’ conviction. We Brits on the other hand, who even in the darkest hours of the 1940s rejoiced and still so do in our glass being half full and our resolve to top it up.

This we shall achieve despite the difficulties of our internal enterprise having been stifled by foreign unaffordable dictates resulting in the crippling and destruction of our small businesses which are the lifeblood of our nation’s commerce. Not to mention the leaching of our hard earned wealth in the form of countless millions of pounds to prop up European countries ailing from their own ineptitudes and lack of industry.

Before we were tricked, betrayed and taken into the EU whether we liked it or not, we were a world trading nation, albeit at that time still reeling from the depredations of a world war. When we leave the EU, as Mr Price knows we most certainly will, we shall return to being a world trading country which we will build as we restructure our manufacturing base, having been made to surrender much of that which we had to EU countries, France and Germany in particular.

We shall also immediately start to rebuild our education system to regain the skills that have been so neglected during half a century of foreign political subversion. All this will be achieved simply because we have the right people to do the job, they are the British people and they will do as their ancestors did before them when our enterprise monopolised the world.


Cowfold Road, Dragons Green Eurosceptic