LETTER: Other sites not been considered

Your letters
Your letters

I would just like to respond to a letter written by Mrs Flores (WSCT 20.06.14).

No one is disputing that homes are needed but other options including building on brown field sites have not been considered.

The way HDC has dealt with this and their behaviour to councillors who objected to this proposal has been appalling.

I don’t know how many houses were built next to Mrs Flores but I’m assuming it wasn’t 2500 houses, 500,000 sq feet business park, a crematorium, a supermarket the size of Sainsbury’s and a couple of schools!

Building this development will not only destroy greenbelt but it would be on the strategic gap between Horsham and Crawley. I wonder if Mrs Flores will still think living in this part of West Sussex is beautiful if Horsham loses its identity.

Mrs Pleasant

Ropeland Way, Horsham