LETTER: Optimistic about ‘west end’ plans

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Your letters

To a bystander, a Horsham resident but not directly affected, the publicity and information made available by the developers about this latest indication of the dynamism of our town is most impressive - then they are following up with real consultation prior to the submitting of a planning application. This in sharp contrast to a certain minor retail development on the other side of town!

However, nothing in this world is 100 per cent positive; as so much in life we need to balance the positive against the negative. However, in this instance my belief is the benefits outweigh what disadvantages may be perceived, especially with regard to the creation of a truly new retailing attraction with more free car parking.

Surely this should make our town even more a destination of choice for discerning shoppers (whether real of just window shoppers -initially!) and that should offer an opportunity to all retailers with increased footfall in the town, but especially so in the Bishopric.

There is a true saying about ‘when one door closes another one opens’ , which may be most appropriate in this instance. We will get a upgrade to an important part of our town (without adding to the financing burden of local government), it will give greater prominence to the Bishopric shops, the vacant site at Broadbridge Heath will be occupied (and hopefully rejuvenated?) as opposed to the door shutting in Piries Place.

But, that door is only shutting to be opened by ...?, who knows who - but do you really believe there will not be a queue of successful retailers desperate to enjoy such a delightful location, and so close to a pleasant car park.

Maybe even one of the successful ‘low cost’ grocers will be anxious to compete in this affluent market (relatively speaking, of course ).

If I was a gambling man my money would be on Aldi/Lidl/etc. who have outlets in Dorking, Leatherhead, Crawley et al - but not one is in Horsham, yet!

Ronald Vimpany

Fay Road, Horsham