LETTER: Opt for ‘No change’ to flightpaths

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Your letters

I believe I can help Janine Creaye with points she raises in her letter in your 24th July edition.

The present trial flightpath is a safety test intended to lead to a request to the Civil Aviation Authority to permit either it, or one of two very close to it, to be adopted so that Gatwick may double the rate of take-offs.

From information given in the consultation paper, I have calculated that, for example, once implemented, this will lead to up to 180 departures a day passing close to Slinfold as opposed to the pre-trial total of 70 passing somewhat less close.

Thus the trial has led to a considerably enhanced number of departures, but this must necessarily be matched by a corresponding increase in arrivals. This has led to the nightmare stacking experienced by Ms Creaye.

The reason that she had not noticed it prior to 22 April is probably because of the seasonal demand before which Gatwick could accommodate the increase in arrivals without stacking.

Nowhere is this aspect mentioned in Gatwick’s consultation paper.

The only bright spot for Ms Creaye is that there are two organisations fighting on her behalf: CAGNE (www.cagne.org) and GACC (www.gacc.org.uk)

She should visit the CAGNE website and sign the petition. She should write to the persons mentioned on the website. She should go to gatwickairport.com, find the consultation section documents and having read them, click on ‘Submit your feedback’. This will enable her to reply to the questions posed by Gatwick in their consultation. The deadline for answering is 14th August.

From her letter it seems that her best course is to tell Gatwick that she rejects all three alternatives. In other words ‘no change’.

Any other answer may be used in ways she does not anticipate.


Nowhurst Lane, Broadbridge Heath