LETTER: Opposition for outrageous idea

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Your letters

Having looked at the suggested plans to develop the north side of Horsham, I cannot believe the outrageous idea to do so and, I would imagine, most other people who live in this area feel the same.

I strongly oppose any such thoughts by our local council.

After all, those of us that live in this part of Horsham do so for a reason. I chose to move here from a built-up area of the town to open green fields, natural wildlife and a better quality of life.

At the beginning of our road (Langhurstwood Road) the sign reads ‘PROTECT THIS RURAL AREA’, which already is a slight farce, as in the nearly nine years I have lived here, the road has become more of a rat run, with traffic passing the door exceeding the 40mph speed limit most of the time.

The suggested plans would therefore make this situation much worse, posing both an environmental and safety risk.

We also pay a premium for housing in this area and I feel the introduction of social housing would depreciate the value of our properties.

People come to this part of town to walk their dogs and enjoy this wonderful small amount of open countryside we STILL have left to do so.

Developers have already taken a great slice out by building in various other areas around us.

So I urge the council, and your readers, to consider the people that enjoy looking out onto open fields and farm land, for hopefully many more years to come.

Mr Michael Deane and Mrs Helen Deane

Langhurstwood Road, Horsham