Letter: Only pride hurt at playground

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Your views

I did look at the news reel of the adventure playground (Crawley Observer, Crawley History, August 20) and I’m pleased to confirm that it is the same site as the current one in Langley Green at Cherry Lane.

I spent countless hours there as a child and the only part of me that got injured was my pride.

The guy in the video who put the fire out was Terry Parmenter who looked after the park and the kids.

He was always ready to listen and he often helped out with the hard parts of our various construction ideas.

There was always a rope swing in a tree by the entrance gate and it was an honour to be asked to take it down at the end of the day and it came to my turn.I climbed the ladder and released the rope which Terry put away and I forgot to tell him that I was scared of heights, my brother who was with me told him I could climb down so they locked the gate and went home.

Four hours later my parents turned up looking for me after my brother had told them that I was “helping out at the adventure”.

The fire brigade turned up and helped me out of the tree and I made the back page of the Observer the following week with the headline: “School boy stuck up a tree”

Happy days, by the way your recent article about the High Street asked for details of a shop called David Argent, I’m sure you have received confirmation of what they sold. I suppose they were the earliest example of designer clothes shops because they sold exclusive Ben Sherman button down collar shirts as well as the most fashionable suits in town and they also had an exclusive on the sale of Sabre and Pringle jumpers.

I spent a fortune in there over the years, originally they started in a very small shop in Robinson Road opposite Doreen and Dan’s which was a paper / sweet shop.

Steve Spencer, via email