Letter: Once it’s gone, it’s gone

With reference to your item ‘New threat to our countryside from developers’  in the West Sussex Gazette dated February 15th 2012.

 If we appreciate the countryside around us we are going to have to be very aware of the likely up and coming Government reforms to the planning laws.  We appear to be already threatened with planning applications for thousands of houses on green belt land - developers constantly ignore the possibilities of building on brownfield sites. much easier and cheaper to dig up green fields and arable land and the ‘presumption in favour of sustainable development’ probably means that local planning policies will be over-ruled as will the wishes of the local people living in areas under threat of large developments.  The rate we are losing green belt in the South East will see towns gradually merging into one large urban sprawl i.e. Horsham and Crawley.  In Arundel we are under threat of a push for yet another bypass - we already have one - a new bypass will be further down the river and involve yet another bridge and a road destroying woodland, which in turn, if it goes ahead, will then lead on to infill,

 Once the countryside is gone - it’s gone!

 Phyllis Kirk

Penfolds Place