LETTER: On the trail of the Sussex Vampire

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Your letters

Further to your four-page feature on Amberley, readers might be interested to know Amberley was the village in Sherlock Holmes’ detective mystery ‘The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire’ (‘Amberley - The Pearl of Sussex’, WSCT, July 31), but retitled ‘The Last Vampyre’ for the popular TV series , starring Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke.

Arthur Conan Doyle called it ‘Lamberley’: ‘It was a dull, foggy day when Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson caught that ‘excellent’ two o’clock train from Victoria station en route to Lamberley, south of Horsham, on the trail of the Sussex Vampire...’

Amberley is again the setting for mystery and intrigue this Friday evening (8th) at the Riverside Restaurant: ‘Murder by the River’, with the 368 Theatre Company.


The Joad Society, Ifield Street, Ifield Village