Letter: OMG! That’s def not gr8 spelling

Your views
Your views

Last week I received, with my daily newspaper, a complimentary copy of the Crawley Observe (sic).

A good local paper is an asset to any town and your publication is no exception.

However, this view was somewhat tempered when I reached the Your View page. Readers’ letters are, by definition, a mix of sensible points of view, ramblings, tortured syntax and the occasionally spelling mistake. All this is acceptable and interesting. What is not acceptable is the assassination of the Queen’s English permitted on the printed page.

Perhaps your sub-editor(s) find: ‘Don’t fink’, ‘even if u try’ and ‘sugars in everyfink’ amusing.

In another letter we were treated to ‘are u joking’ and ‘gonna’.

Alan Meeks, Pound Hill

Content editor’s note:

The written and spoken word is constantly evolving. A large number of the opinions expressed on these pages are given on social media such as Facebook and Twitter where people communicate using a new form of writing - commonly known as ‘textspeak’.

While we make every effort in our journalists’ reports to give our readers a concise and grammatically correct article, the Crawley Observer’s Your View pages are a place where you - the reader - is given the opportunity to express your views, in your voice.

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