LETTER: Objectionable plan must be scrapped

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Your letters

This absurd development plan for building in North Horsham is an absolute farce and we should object to it.

Why should we involve ourselves into a development that takes place in the nrth of the A264, an area which was deemed by the Horsham District Council to be sacrosanct from any building development?

Why should we encourage Horsham and Crawley to be one of the same, Rusper is the only small village left that stops this becoming Crawsham?

Why should the rural lanes of Rusper specifically Rusper Road, Faygate Lane and Wimlands Lane be used for the massive increase in transport?

Why are we led to believe in a new railway station that will magically be appearing on this site? Why do we have to believe in new commercial premises when we know that many of the existing premises we have are not being used?

Why do we need light pollution from an area which is countryside?

Why do we have to believe in Liberty who in three years have still not produced a detailed plan?

Surely it must be for Horsham District Council to withdraw this objectionable plan and rethink the true possibilities.


Faygate Lane, Rusper