LETTER: North Horsham shoulders burden

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Your letters

In his two-page spread, WSCT dated 16.01.14, Michael Brown, writing as a trustee of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, roundly rubbished the idea of the building of a completely new town, preferring to leave it to North Horsham to shoulder the burden of thousands of new homes with the concomitant increased stress on current creaking infrastructure.

Consider the traffic chaos during the years of building adding enormously to the difficulty of reaching our designated acute hospital.

I have an axe to grind. My family and I will be greatly affected if the proposed Horsham plan comes to fruition.

Michael Brown makes no such admission in the case of the building of a possible new town. Is he writing solely as a trustee of the CPRE? I think we should be told in which town or village he lives.

After all, the area north of the bypass where the development is planned is just as much a part of rural England.


Havengate, Horsham