LETTER: North Horsham not yet the Liberty project

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Your letters

Roger Baker’s letter ‘Liberty should pay full CIL charge’ perhaps should read: ‘Developer to win planning application for North Horsham should pay full CIL charge’.

So far as I know, Liberty has not applied for planning permission for the North Horsham development although to read the evidence printed in your paper over recent months, a reader might be forgiven for thinking Liberty is already inked in by HDC senior figures for this project if it gets approval.

Cllrs Dawe, Croft, Vickers and Rae seem to have a very good working relationship with this American company such as allowing Mr Blevins (MD of Liberty UK) to pitch his company’s case at the 30 April full council meeting.

It isn’t yet the ‘Liberty’ project and many of us hope it never will be.


Rusper Road, Horsham