LETTER: North Horsham dumping ground

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Your letters

David Moore’s letter (‘Dumping ground for the unwanted’, 5.2.15) sums up so well how many residents in the north of the district feel.

A lot of residents’ letters to this paper (like his) focus on Cllr Vickers and the role she has played in pushing this flawed plan through council.

But perhaps as we get nearer to the election we should remember those councillors who voted with her against the football club’s proposal. Brian Johnson in his letter (‘Keep it all away from Southwater’, 5.2.15) refers to ‘Cllr Vickers and her cabal’.

Cllr Vickers and the Gang of Four have literally turned North Horsham into a ‘toxic’ dumping ground, even moving the crematorium from the A272 into the Strategic Gap. They should all be truly accountable on May 7.


Heath Way, Horsham