Letter: No second Gatwick runway option

Your views
Your views

D Meakings’ letter about the Gatwick second runway consultation (Crawley Observer April 2) deserves the widest possible audience. It is absolutely valid. The government should insist that an option to say “no second runway” is included.

Most, if not all, of the points made are also true of Horley, where we also have Air Quality Management issues that are being ignored.

I would add to the list the point that a lack of access from the M23 to East Surrey Hospital means that nearly all ambulances from Crawley use the A23. They already have problems. Airport expansion must make the situation worse.

As for the apologists and those with vested interests who say we knew that Gatwick was there when we chose to live here, we did not choose to live next to two Gatwicks!

Henry Randall, Horley