LETTER: No-one wants a vast urban sprawl

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Your letters

I quote from past correspondence because it expresses my concern for the need to protect the unique and historical character of Horsham. Also, I suggest that not a single Horsham resident wants the slightest possibility of annexing Horsham to Crawley to create a vast urban sprawl. Now is the time to stop this being considered in the first place. Councillors carry a huge responsibility a) to represent the views of the electorate, b) to reject any proposed development North of the Horsham by-pass, c) to urgently present a forceful, alternative plan to the government along the lines below.

‘Does Horsham not deserve a quality town plan, open to the residents for review, and time to consider the developments here for the sake of all concerned? Horsham is ideally suited to lane way and small enclave developments within the town, in addition to the development of council-owned valuable lands within the town boundary for a purpose fit for our day and age. Smaller sites within the town – these are an advantage to the town and the residents, as this is a way to increase density unobtrusively in small pockets throughout the town. These developments are site-specific providing different housing types, rather than just single-family boxes requiring two or more cars for a family to function there. These developments can be individually assessed on their merit, and the plans can be improved by the town planners if necessary.

Smaller scale, individually considered and assessed, scattered developments can be made to fit appropriately, environmentally sensibly and otherwise sustainably within the fabric of the town, replacing the many out-dated and worthless buildings which are abundant in Horsham, and at the same time, benefiting the local economy, creating local work, benefiting local businesses and landowners, providing reasonably-paced local investment and blending intelligently into the fabric of the town.’

John Nicholson

Earles Meadow, Horsham