LETTER: ‘No new runway’ is the response

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Your letters

Funny how Gatwick Airport did not publish the full results from the costly new runway roadshow questionnaire, that was handled by an independent body.

The result was 6,200 said No New Runway at Gatwick Airport, but Gatwick did not use their expensive PR agency to publish this fact! I wonder why?

The Gatwick poll you have published; did it give residents the chance to say no new runway?

Did Gatwick provide you with details of Heathrow’s poll that came out in favour of Heathrow expansion?

The problem with both polls is that the airport funds them and thus the questions are written, loaded, by the airport to achieve the result they desire.

Why did they not ask me, or the residents that are already suffering aircraft noise day and night from Gatwick Airport?

They know we would say NO New Runway!


Mayes Lane, Warnham