LETTER: No justification for new runway

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Your letters

This YouGov poll was commissioned by Gatwick so it is not surprising that the result was in Gatwick’s favour. The funny thing is that Heathrow commissioned a poll and it came out in favour of Heathrow expansion!

It is interesting from the article in the County Times, and articles in other publications, that the YouGov poll on which this press release was based had not consulted people in Kingsfold, Warnham, Slinfold or Rusper. Why didn’t the journalist do so?

The YouGov poll did not give people the opportunity to say ‘No New Runway’ and neither did it consult people who have been directly affected by Gatwick’s trial flight paths so it is not surprising that the figures came out marginally in favour of a new runway - 57 per cent is hardly a resounding yes in these circumstances.

Your journalists seem to have forgotten that the Gatwick new runway roadshow questionnaire result was that 6,200 said ‘No New Runway’!

Let us be clear. We believe that there is no need, no justification nor any desire for a new runway at Gatwick.


Church Street, Warnham