LETTER: No evidence on ‘warning’ leaflet

Your letters
Your letters

Thank you for putting your ‘Warning!’ letter through my door. You have somehow managed to make me SUPPORTIVE of the new development.

Two A4 pages and not one of the points was substantiated with any evidence.

This might happen, that might happen..... surely it is a joke?

If you don’t mind I would like to offer my opinion on some of the points in your letter.

* Horsham already has underpasses, and as far as I am aware these do not ‘attract prostitution, drug dealers, youth gangs and vagrants’,

what evidence do you have that means the new underpasses will be different?

* The planning shows there will still be a clear greenbelt between Horsham and Crawley, so your whole ‘Crawsham’ argument is completely flawed.

* Please can you advise where it is stated that those currently living in Horsham will no longer be allowed to attend Millais or Forest?

* Please can you advise where it is stated that Littlehaven train services will be cut? Surely Southern work on the simple business principle of supply and demand.

* How do you know that the proposed commercial and industrial units will go unsold? We are seeing speculative builds by contractors in London which is the first sign that the rest of the country will enjoy its recovery soon.

* “We are facing a sudden population explosion”

Aren’t the proposed developments going to happen over many years? Local amenities will be built as and when there is a demand for them.

* “There is no shortage of industrial space locally”

Companies need modern facilities to be cost effective and to provide sustainable jobs.

* You state as fact that properties will be devalued?

What evidence do you have for this? Horsham and the surrounding areas have grown significantly in recent years and yet house prices have risen, why will this be different?

* You state as fact that the A264 will become a ‘congested, polluted, unusable road’.

Please can you advise what studies you have carried out to make this statement?

* You continually state that this will be the end of our historic market town as we know it.

Surely building houses will bring more people of our town centre which will make the empty shops attractive to retailers, thus removing the empty units, bringing a vibrant feel back to the town centre.

How could this ever be a bad thing?

* You state the ‘new school might be a free school’.

Might? Do you have any evidence to back this up?

Never have I seen such a biased, unsubstantiated document. Your actions are disappointing and I hope the community I live in and love, are more educated, level headed and considerate than the authors of this document are.

Darryl Gregory

Ropeland Way, Horsham