LETTER: New traffic survey would be nonsense

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Your letters

In the Conservative ‘In Touch’ leaflet delivered to houses in Holbrook East on behalf of Cllrs Baldwin and Rae the dynamic duo call for another traffic survey.

It strikes me as nonsense to consider spending more of my money on another traffic study. The one that has been done is either valid (in which case it needs to be explained) or it is not valid (in which case the shortcomings need to be identified and the work redone properly). If the latter, then this pair should have voted against the plan. Seems like they want it both ways with the electorate – having not voted against the plan , they now call for action to remedy the bad situation with another study.

Of course the study was not valid. It assumed a new train station will be built when Network Rail has confirmed it would not be allowed; it under-estimated the number of potential workers and the number of houses/occupants. It was apparent at the council meeting on April 30 when the flawed plan for housing was pushed through by the Cllrs Dawe, Vickers, Rae and Croft gang that the councillors did not even have a common understanding of what was being proposed.

The Chairman and Officers said nothing about the obvious misunderstandings - no doubt because that suited their agenda.

I wonder how many councillors actually bothered to read the Peter Brett Associates traffic plan done for Liberty, raised by Cllr Christian Mitchell at the public cabinet meeting on April 23 but not made available to the public.

Harry Shutt

Allingham Gardens, Horsham