LETTER: New council to serve the north

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‘Mrs Goldsmith has made clear her, and her council’s, support for FULL airport expansion’ (‘County council leader welcomes second runway plan for Gatwick Airport’, WSCT, July 25).

In the light of this disturbing revelation by West Sussex County Council’s leader Louise Goldsmith, it is now time to consider a ‘parting of the ways’ between Chichester-based County Hall and Crawley Borough Council (which includes Gatwick) - much like Brighton and Hove City Council parted company from Lewes-based East Sussex County Council to become a Unitary Authority.

‘FULL airport expansion’ means Option 3 - ‘Independent Mixed Mode’ - the widest-spaced new runway which will have a devastating impact north

of Crawley. This is the preferred Option for GIP-Gatwick Airport Ltd, which will then maximise its profits.

It is definitely not the preferred

option for those living in North Crawley.

The business of local government - in this case West Sussex County Council (WSCC) in Chichester - is to govern on behalf of the people it represents.

WSCC is clearly not representing the people in North Crawley; it is ‘rolling over’ to the diktats of a global corporation whose only interest is to maximise profits.

If there is to be a new runway, there should be a new council - Crawley and Gatwick City Council.


The Ifield Society, Lavington Close, Ifield