Letter: New chapter for Southgate church

Your views
Your views

It was good to read in the issue of October 8 about the history of St Mary’s church, Southgate.

Readers may be interested to know that 56 years on from its opening, St Mary’s is embarking on a new stage of its life. The building continues to serve the community in a wide variety of ways but is sadly showing its age.

A leaky roof and windows well past their ‘use by date’ mean that major repairs are urgent.

To this we have added a scheme to refurbish and improve the building in a way that will enable St Mary’s to continue providing worship and community facilities for Southgate for many years to come. At a recent gift day members of the congegation gave or pledged £44,400, taking us ever closer to our phase 1 target of £400,000 and our overall target of £1.1 million.

Those interested in the project will find more information on our web site: www.stmarys.crawleychurches.org

Tim Wilson, Team Rector, St Mary’s Southgate