LETTER: Negative affect on local people

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Your letters

I have read with interest the article by Roger Arthur and also the article about the dossier left on a train.

Considering that Gatwick is still not used to capacity it beggars belief that a second runway would even be considered. Stansted Airport is nowhere near capacity and this applies to many airports in England.

Heathrow is the hub where passengers wish to travel to to reach London and most business people will travel to this airport. Gatwick is generally thought to be the more holiday hub.

I understand that Gatwick airport is now owned by a hedge fund American company who are not interested in our airport just in generating more profits. In any case I believe they intend to sell the airport in 2018, so a second runway does not even come into their calculations and indeed they seem to have no interest in the effect this has on the people of Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Indeed I imagine they do not even know where it is within our country.

As usual these plans are for the glorification of the elected representatives with no thought for the negative affect it has on local people. The infrastructure we have within the Gatwick area is woefully inadequate. As usual it would seem the South East of England has yet again been targeted.

Please do all you can to support the organisations who are working hard to campaign against this second runway.


Oakwood Hill, Dorking